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    In The Average High School 3 Students Will Attempt Suicide This Year

    #POSITIVITY is more than a brand. It's a movement with a mission to help young people to become engaged, empowered, and encouraged citizens.

    Hashtags are used to share important ideas, and since today’s students are increasingly becoming more stressed, anxious, and depressed—and the fact that suicide is the second leading cause of death among young people—now more than ever positivity is something worth sharing with the emerging leaders in our communities.

    That’s why we’ve put together a research-based program to teach students valuable principles and practices for:

    • Being fascinated rather than frustrated

    • Choosing to be kind and help others

    • Finding a life path

    • Overcoming risks for anxiety, depression, and suicide

    • Adjusting to change and working with people from different backgrounds

    Assemblies are often the only opportunity to gather as an entire school, which is why it’s imperative to leverage that time to engage students with empowering content and discussions, and with encouraging group activities that will transform the rest of their educational career and life as a whole.

    Working in conjuncture with our partner company, Positivity Magic, our signature #POSITIVITY Magic Show is strategically designed to grab the attention of young people with mind blowing magic demonstrations, enlighten them with valuable principles and practices, and involve them in discussions that will help them to discover new understandings and skills for whole life transformation!

    There is a high cost of doing nothing, which is why we offer this program for FREE to select communities like yours, through the additional support of local business sponsors.


    PLUS, for every participating school community we are giving away one $500 scholarship to a deserving student


    Yes, there is a high cost of doing nothing, which is why we're making it easy for you to share this valuable program with the students in your community.


    Call Jonas today at 800-969-9778 or email him at to learn more and to reserve this program for your students!